How to register computers into WSUS Computer groups by GPO

Today, I’ll write about how to register a computer into WSUS computer group by Active Directory Group Policy (GPO).

Assumption: Using Active Directory to manage your computer and using WSUS instead of MS Update for Windows Update

First of all, I would like to write about what is often confusing.

The Active Directory OU and WSUS computer groups are different.

This area tends to get messy and often confusing.
The reason is that the registration of computers in the WSUS computer group is controlled by GPO (* 1).
The GPO then links to an OU in Active Directory.
So it’s easy to get the image that the OU and WSUS computer groups are the same, which is confusing.
(* 1): WSUS can also be set to register manually.

I will write it again.
The Active Directory OU and WSUS computer groups are different.

The items to be set in the GPO are as follows.

  1. Select [Computer Configuration]-[Administrative Templates]-[Windows Components]-[Windows Update]
  2. Select [Enable Client-Side Targets]
  3. Select [Enable] and select the name of Computer Group
  4. Select [OK]

Link the above GPO to the target OU.

Then, create a computer group with the same name on the WSUS side.

After that, if you wait for a while, the computer will come into the WSUS computer group side.


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